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Delton M. Childs III

Contact Delton Childs via Skype or Phone

Available in 1 hour consultation blocks via Skype or phone. Your follow-up email will have all the resources you need plus discounts on future consulting and web services.

  • Answers & Advice
  • Questions About Popular Frameworks & Services
  • A professional to look at and understand what your needs are
  • Get an itemized list of recommendations outlining the right way to go about building your website.
  • A reasonable proposal for production costs.
  • Recommendations for flexible tools to integrate with your website.
It’s my goal to leave you with actionable advice to increase the growth of your project no matter who you work with.
5 Star Rating

All businesses are different

Rather than talk with a salesperson that could inadvertently promise something they can’t deliver you can start our right by getting professional & affordable consulting for your business with an industry expert.

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  • Avoid Re-Inventing The Wheel
  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Professional advice you can count on with no strings attached.
Ask Delton first every time you have a question. I’ll answer all your questions about popular services and help you explore technologies to help you avoid reinventing the wheel & save time.
Available by Phone or Skype for 1-on-1 Conferences. Experience what it’s like having a digital partner on your team.avalible-on-skype_2