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Apple OSX Lion Unveiled

Apple OSX Lion Unveiled

I’m a Mac User and have been for the past few years.  I always hated the “Mac Fanboy” image and said I’d never sell out like that… but after working as a site administrator and working on a Mac Pro in the Office for 3 Years, and having one at home for the past 2 years… I have to say… its a good product.

But lately I have to say that I’ve been pretty impressed with Windows 7.  I recently purchased a laptop for my son, Windows 7.  A very basic laptop.  His birthday isn’t for another months so I’ve been monkeying around with it.  I love it.  Windows 7 is awesome and there are some things I wish my Snow Leopard had.  I love the thumbnails (I think windows taskbar previews or something) you get when windows are minimized into the “task bar”, what would be the “doc” on my mac (I keep mine in the bottom).

But just when I thought they had Apple just about bested my best buddy, the IT Director at the office, tells me about the big announcement.  OSX Lion. I’m pretty impressed. I love the concept of the gestures to control how interface flows, I haven’t read the full list of new features but am looking forward to pointing and clicking a bit less if possible. And as a creative professional it would be nice to be able to see Intuos integrate something like that into their pads so that I could just do away with a mouse all together and just use my wacom for gestures and stylus! The future is looking bright. I did think it was a bit cheesy when he started talking about how great the app store is though. ug.

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