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Choosing Click Worthy YouTube Thumbnails

Choosing Click Worthy YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube marketing can be tough and to make getting those clicks a little easier you’ve got to choose the right video thumbnail for your videos.  There’s a hole science behind choosing your video thumbnail, practically.  Don’t believe me, google it, you’ll find hundreds of videos on YouTube.  One of the newest and a really good one is published by YouTube! One of the key performance indicators of your videos is now Watch Time, not just plain views so you want to be sure you’re content is compelling, informative or entertaining. Make sure you’re icon is visually pleasing and representative of the content that will appear in the actual video.

The thumbnail choice is such an important factor that even the creators at google needed to give it due diligence and create an entire demonstrative video on the subject. Check this out! It’s pretty informative!

One of the biggest problems you’ll run into is choosing a thumbnail that looks great in high def and super small for mobile. Fact of the matter is most thumbnails will be viewed at much smaller resolutions than your ideal HD experience.

Recently I was creating a video and obsessing over what the thumbnail would look like. I quickly got frustrated re-sizing the image and create a quick photoshop action to take care of giving me a better approximation of what my video thumbnail might look like at one of the the absolute smallest sizes, in the youtube sidebar. You can download the action set and load them up into your version of photoshop here:

In the download pack contains a few items:

  • A readme.txt file
  •  1920 by 1080 HD Photoshop YouTube Thumbnail Template With Action Title Safe Guides
  • One YouTube Thumbnail Actions.atn file
  • One YouTube Channel Art Template (also available through google here)

Look, I know it seems obsessive to use an HD thumbnail template with Action and Title Safe Guides.  But fact of the matter is, some people are watching YouTube on TVs and I’ve run into more than a few TVs inside businesses and homes that were the TV is set to “Zoom Crop” the picture or something cutting off part of the graphics at the bottom.  How could the owners be oblivious to that!  Who knows!  You never know where someone will be watching your video these days.

Even recorded a little demo and tutorial about using this action:


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