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Eclipse Code Hinting

Eclipse Code Hinting

I recently took the plunge and upgraded my Eclipse intallation from Helos to Juno in order to work with the latest software and start on Java 7 Training with… it turns out they’re made some pretty cool changes to the language to make it easier to to work with.

Eclipse Upgrade Code Completion Problems

To scare the hell out of me I googled up “upgrading eclipse” was was greeted by several posts in StackOverflow and some other good code based forums that warned me to be-careful and I should re-consider upgrading my IDE if I have everything working correctly.  After all, there’s the Java Library, the Android SDK with the Emulator Developer Tool running on my machine…. a lot is going on and I didn’t want to have any problems with any projects.

I did run into a lot of problems by the way and one by one… I knocked them out.  So they are right to say be-careful.. .but if you’re determined and you’ve gotten through everything and now code completion isn’t working here is something that might help you out.

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