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Facebook Video Ads Rolling Out In Your Timeline Soon

Facebook Video Ads Rolling Out In Your Timeline Soon

Facebook started testing what they call “Premium Video Ads” for a select group of companies with deep pockets this past December and they’re about to start opening these up to more and more advertisers.

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos in your timeline automatically play without sound, well that was the beta version for the new video ads platform to catch peoples attention a little bit better. As a social media marketer I’m pretty excited about the opportunity. I can’t wait to test a few ads out on my own and produce a few video ads for social media marketing savvy clients.

Facebook Daily Active User Growth 2011 thru 2013


They say the ads will be accessible to purchase in a similar way facebook advertising is already done, so be on the lookout for it if you’re already a SMM guru!  Though it may be a few more months before us web heads get the functionality depending on how their roll-out is staged.

But What Will The General User Base Think?

Well… facebook usage has just grown.  I’ve looked at some numbers and I don’t think video ads are going to stop this juggernaut.  In a way, I feel like they’re stealing a little bit of thunder from Vine with the auto play without sound inside the feed, a feature that made Vine seem really next generation at launch.  As we move forward this will be a regular feature of web based applications like facebook and I’m sure we’ll see video ads roll out within Vine shortly also.


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