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Why The New Mac Pro Is Cool But I Might Go PC

Why The New Mac Pro Is Cool But I Might Go PC

I love my now old school Mac Pro tower and all the power that comes with it, let’s face it though, I’ve had it awhile, it’s still considered to be a top notch machine with the Xeon processors.  It hasn’t ever let me down and I’ve had very few problems I couldn’t remedy with basic tech savvy.  Looking at this new Mac Pro though, my interest is peaked.  Support for up to 6 monitors plus 6 thunderbolt ports, 4 USB3.0 ports are a great add on.  I wish my current mac pro supported that many connections without adding cards but hey, times are changing and this is a new model that offers you the power you wish you had 5 years ago.

Quiet and Efficient

What I liked most about his new design is, despite the off putting appearance of the cylindrical mac pro, they say the new model is extremely quite and cools itself extremely efficiently.  This is especially important for people working in a production recording environment without a dedicated booth in which the production computer and the mic are housed in the same studio.  If you’ve got a good mic… it’s going to pick up the hum of the PC or Mac.  I’ve worked at radio stations with this very problem.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for their to be 4 computers humming a way in the production studio where voice over is done regularly and I mean humming.  Luckily they have skilled audio producers on staff that are great at using their rackmounted EQ’s and Compressors to cut it our, many of us don’t have that luxury.  That’s a big bonus.


You can find exact tech specs anywhere but let me say, I like the idea of this model automatically allocating core usage based upon how the computer is being used.  In this model the Mac Pro allocates core usage based up what kind of processor intensive task you have going on, like editing 4K video, which is becoming more and more popular.  A huge advantage for this model.


Yes it’s a nice machine, but after all these years working in video and multimedia production I honestly feel like I’m proficient on any reasonably powered machine, Mac or PC and the price point on this one, despite the cool design just doesn’t justify it’s self.  Lately, stopping by the local book store and seeing all the cool kids with their beanie hats and Mac Book Pros is making me laugh despite my own dedicated Mac ownership status.  I’ve used PC’s and I’ve used Macs extensively, it’s the software that makes the difference and Premier Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, and all of the Adobe Master Collection run just fine on either platform.  I think I’ll just build myself a nice PC next time, and install the suite.

If I’m missing something in making that switch… let me know, I’m dying to know what I’ll be missing out on as a Powerful PC user.

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