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Yahoo Search Plans To Copy Google

I suppose the big difference will be in the subtitles.   The Mozilla Blog announced their partnership with Yahoo this.  We picked this story up on Search Engine Land who offered a nice recap of the deal and says the results of the new team up will be show off next month.  I have a client who is a self described “Yahoo Guy” and am always surprised to find that some people aren’t “Google Folks”.

New Mozilla Yahoo Team Up

What this only does is make the Default search provider Yahoo. Who doesn’t know how to change their default search provider within their browser and doesn’t it ask when you use google? Maybe not, I’ll have to check. I’m not so sure if this will lead millions to just adopt Yahoo as their default search engine. Yes, there will be a few that cling to the default for awhile but when you want to google something you google it.

The results look just like google anyway. From the “airport” example on their blog they added some of the sleek new-ish flat design principles to the results but we all know how long and hard google has worked to make search beautiful and provide great context for searches, is yahoo and mozilla really up to that task, I guess it might not lie in mozilla’s doing so much as yahoo but if yahoo doesn’t deliver the goods, it might just make Firefox look like a glitchy second rate browser that doesn’t understand real human context in language the way Google does.


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