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A Digital Backbone For Your Brand

A Digital Backbone For Your Brand

A website is more than meets the eye these days.  It's not necessarily the forward facing website that visitors see when they type in your domain name or ".com", it's the foundation that your website is built upon where the real power lies. You've got to think of a...

Do Google Bots Care About Invalid HTML

Searching through youTube, you know how good they are suggesting videos, I ran across this short and helpful snippet about the logic google uses to handle invalid HTML markup on the web and weather or not the google bot penalizes your site for the mistakes.

Essential Components

Essential Components

Web and Digital Media consultant Delton Childs talks about the essential components you need to consider when starting your own website before you even get started. It’ll Help to do a little reasearch up front so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel down the road.

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