Discoteca Mi Pueblito Product Photography

Photographs of Elaborate Western Wear by Delton M. Childs III

Discoteca Mi Pueblito is a western wear store with 4 locations in San Antonio, Texas.  I’ve had the pleasure of serving as their photographer for many years.  We’ve shot family portraits, product photography and even an event or two which they had a sponsorship sake in together.  When you work that closely you start to gain a better and better understanding of that client’s goals, the challenges the face and how the client will ultimately use the materials you produce for them.

Juan, the owner of Discoteca Mi Pueblito, generates a lot of buzz through social media and is usually more concerned with the quantity of images he gets out of each shoot because while he loves printing photos of his awesome inventory he spends a lot of time on social media, as most retailers to today in order to maintain that top of mind awareness and desire necessary to get the sale.

For that reason we regularly produce large series of images for his stores shooting a wide variety of products.  This shoot we brought in several props and a large section of his new products for photography intended for social media distribution.

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