SuperNova Smoke Shop in San Antonio, Texas, is opening ANOTHER location!  Whenever a new location opens, I always have a lot of work to do.  We’ve printed new location flyers, did single-color door graphics for the new location, and re-printed business cards with the new location added.  This redesign was more of a stretch than the previous one because the owner of SuperNova wanted the ALL on the card.  I just said OK.

I had a lovely and organized grid pattern from previous re-deigns but 9 locations with addresses on phone numbers on a single card.  I had to remove some design elements and cram things together, but It came out great!  I will need to do something different if location 10 opens, though!  In this project, we also decided to add a QR code to the business card so that customers could easily find the business online and on all the social media channels.  This QR code links to a particular page we designed and formatted so customers can quickly get to the channel they prefer.  These include Instagram, facebook, an email marketing list, and others.

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