A Friend of mine, Nick Russo approached me with this idea for his YouTube Channel.  He’s a personality on a local radio station, 94.1 KTFM and he had been taking and answering questions on his facebook account for some time now.  We put together this pilot in under a week and had it live.

My goal in starting out this project was to get a better grasp on the essential elements needed to construct a commercial quality show, all with self produced graphics and assets readily available to me.  I was happy with the outcome.

Edited in Final Cut Pro X and, for the most part, utilizing stock FCPX generators and filters the wood paneled background has a slight blur applied to it inorder to gain some slight depth between the foreground (Nick) and the background itself   I also applied a slight vignetting to the background scene also to give a hint of dramatic lighting which is not carried over into the main characters image.  This makes him stand out just a bit more I believe.


Ask Nick Anything Show Still Image


To film this peice I used one of my studios new Canon FX100 HD Professional Camcorders.  This model boasts 4:2:2 color sampling with gives me a little latitude in post production for color correction and filters without destroying the footage.  This model also give me two XLR audio inputs so we have the ability to capture crisp audio relative to the environment.
Ask Nick Anything Show Logo


Using Adobe Photoshop CS6 I quickly created the “Ask Nick Anything” and used the main wood panel background to set it in order to bring one of the main elements of the video itself into the branding.  I also shrunk the logo down to create a nice watermark in the bottom right hand corner that is very characteristic of  broadcast television, it adds a little charm.




The transitional piece that types out the question submitted to Nick is a simple custom final cut pro generator so that as I produce each new episode of “The Ask Nick Anything Show” I can just cut and paste the question into a text field and the generator automatically types the new question on the screen.


Custom Final Cut Pro Text Generator

Simple Custom Final Cut Pro Text Generator For Ask Nick Anything Project.


And finally, the most important part I think, is where I get to finally take a little credit for my work. 😉

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