I think it would be best to start my blog off by naming at least on of the biggest influences in my career as a web and video production specialist.  That unstoppable force has been Lynda.com. I have spent countless hours on lynda.com and I’m sure there are folks out there who love lynda.com just as much as I do.

I have to thank a few trainers on Lynda.com.  Firstly, Deke McClelland, whom I’ve spent hours and hours listening to, sometimes laughing, sometimes knitting my brow in confusion, not because he isn’t the best trainer out there for more than one product in the adobe suite, but because the guy doesn’t pull any punches… and if you want to learn a program like Photoshop or Illustrator… that’s the kind of trainer you need.

Deke McClelland - Trainer Extraodinair

Photograph by: Sarah Kim

Another Lynda.com Trainer, James Williamson, has a thorough and informative way of explaining his way of viewing web development that doesn’t leave you bored and I’ve felt like he has a keen eye towards making the web accessible for everyone.  He takes time to explain how each of these coding languages has a function and how to use it best to do it’s part but at the same time creating a beautiful layout.

There are too many to name, Todd Perkins, Kevin Skoglund, just too many.  I hope these guy know what hero’s they’ve become to us.


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