I’m always doing work for SuperNova Smoke Shop.  They’re a very loyal patron of my art.  It’s hard to imagine a design project I haven’t touched for them. Usually, when they want to print anything, they’ll call me because I keep excellent records of our design projects together and typically have the necessary assets to send over a composition quickly.  In this custom-printed mug project, we needed a vertically formatted logo composition with the prominent element being the Mushrooms.  I started by making the mushroom nice and big.  I used an organic-themed separation divider to give the design a little structure.  This division line has little curled stem-like accents on the end, like little budding plant structures, and gives the divider a plant-like quality that mirrors the organically curved lines of the mushrooms.  In the center of the divider line, I carved out a spot for the “Est. 2010” I know the owner loves to see that design element.  Below the divider, I necessarily placed the business name in the official logo typeface (which I’m not fond of). This project came together nicely; over 1000 pieces were produced.