Getting the QR Code into the logo.

A client of mine saw a marketing sticker from a local hip-hop artist.  The sticker had a character  was wearing a hat that had a QR code on it.  When you scanned the hat, it took you to the artist’s youtube video.  It was a very clever marketing strategy, the “hidden QR code” concept.  The business owner liked it and wanted to incorporate a QR code into one of the primary design elements of his logo.

I removed one of the center mushrooms and used the black & white pallet of the stems.  I incorporated the QR code leaving the colorful mushroom tops intact.  The problem was solved by placing the QR code into the most similar design element.  Using this strategy, I could use the client’s existing logo without much modification and incorporate the QR code without completely disassembling their logo design, thereby maintaining brand integrity.

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