I was asked to make a custom design for some new plastic bags for my dedicated patron, SuperNova Smoke Shop. A few considerations were going into this project.  The owner wanted bright and eye-catching plastic bags.  Green is a standard smoke shop industry go-to color, and we also have green in the SuperNova Logo, so I accepted neon lime green as the plastic bag color.  The owner is going through a significant QR code marketing phase and wanted to incorporate the QR code on the bag and other marketing copy.  In this project, I placed the primary object of their brand logo as large as I could reasonably fit into the printing template with the other design elements.  This is the most critical part of the brand image.  Beneath that in the hierarchy is the brand name along with the EST. 2010 tag they insist on including in the newest design comps.  I always incorporate it because I know it’s essential to the owner.  At the bottom of the bag, I placed the QR code for scanning and the essential marketing copy.  This project came out great, and the QR code works as expected.  You never know with print design how fine they will make those lines so that the QR code is readable by cameras.  We had to authorize the print over the phone because the company was worried the design element wouldn’t be usable.  We were careful to make it large enough, and sure enough, they worked.

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