I read Gregg Keizer’s article.   And in case you missed it Apple will be delivering their new OS (Operating System) OS X Lion, as a “Download Only” product from the Apple App Store.

And I have to say… I love it.  First of all… I didn’t like having to wait a week to get my copy of Snow Leopard in the mail.  I had some serious reservations about even upgrading because of the complexities of having the Adobe Master Collection and Final Cut Studio all installed on my Mac Pro, I went though a huge emotional battle about it.  Who knows what could get messed up with an complete OS re-write.  As a digital media producer I depend on the programs in the suite all talking to each other flawlessly.  After making the decision I had to wait to find out if it was going to be a train wreak and temporarily ruin my life, luckily it didn’t!  My install of snow Leopard went flawlessly.  I love Snow Leopard, I’m still running Leopard at the office and it feels a little old fashioned now!  I had to wait to get a cd in the mail though… really?

Max OS X Lion-O

Designed by Valentino Valdez

The app store is a winner.  What’s that you say Apple? A place I can buy software that works and won’t ruin my livelihood by crashing my production machine… in the comfort of my own studio?  Time is at a premuim these days… if I don’t have to get in my car and take 30min to drive to the Best Buy and back… I say they’ve done me a big favor.

It’s too bad that the retailers are going to miss out on the droves of zombies pouring into their stores to pick up a box with a disk in it, I hate to sound like an Apple fanboy… but it seems like it’s the best solution for the user.  If they’d like to upgrade… done.  I’ll be upgrading a few months after the release… I like to give it some time… just incase they uncover any issued once thousands of users install.

A little nugget… In Gregg Keizer’s article they mention Windows 8 and it’s gesture based interface… doesn’t that come out in OS X Lion next month?