It’s been a big week at Border Media Studios. The video production machine we recently purchased came in and we’ve begun the process of getting the production environment up and running. This involves setting it up with a good IDE, we installed Aptana Studio as a free solution for the time being but we’re still using the Adobe Design Premium on the “Old” MacPro tower.

The 27″ Screen is a monster. You can easily display 2 webpages side by side, it’s great for screen casting and shooting off a quick video. And I’m starting to fall in love with the apple magic mouse.

New 27inch iMac Video Production Machine

The Box Was Enormous!

Monday we’ll be installing Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor. I’m pretty excited to give the software a test drive.

New Apple iMac

27inch - 15GB Ram - 256 GB Solid State - 1TB SATA

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