I was primed when I heard about the suite going through another update and wanted to see some of my favorite programs in the suite get an overhaul so I could step into another mind blowing chapter in my career in video post production.

Final Cut Pro X Screen Shot

Interface Screen Shot

I have to admit… the reviews have me a bit scared.  My largest concerns center around the absence of Soundtrack Pro and Color.  I use these programs regularly as part of my post production workflow and I’m sure there are many other professional editors who do also.  I say there is no substitution for a dedicated editing environment when it comes to audio production and color correction.  I suppose Apple disagrees with me as apparently they’ve decided these are not important enough to keep around.  Heartbreaking for me.

TechCrunch’s Article “Final Cut Pro X Or Really iMovie Pro?” has added to the knot in my stomach about it all publishing nothing less than and html un-order list of complaints no doubt published to scare me specifically!  The title of the article says it all.  I was excited to see Motion 5.. .is it now… and for $50 extra… but if it doesn’t work with my suite… the one with a full post production round trip that encompasses audio master AND color mastering… I’m not so sure about that either.