iSay not.  In a snapshot… it won’t be like your own personal Pandora (which I love).

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iCloud Apples New Thing

This Article gives a nice little summary of key note speech Jobs gave in his black turtleneck.  It will offer (mac users) a way to wirelessly sync certain data across up to 10 devices, I believe.  The same/similar service seems to be offered by Apple already and if you’ve read anything about iCloud you’re sure to have come across “MobileMe” being mentioned.

Mobile Me… the first “cloud” service apple offered but was paid, it cost $100… sorry… $99 a year, I only tried the trial.  When I synced my “mobileMe” with my iPhone I wasn’t using MacMail and Address Book (both mac os default programs).  My calendar, address, and other syncs got kinda messed up.  I was using Microsoft Entourage for Mac.  Needless to say it left me with a bad taste in my mouth.    Everyone who uses Mac products doesn’t use Mac for everything, and if it’s not a universal solution… it probably won’t work for the majority of people.

It’s just not there yet for the consumer, people who want to have their music, video & photo libraries always there no matter what device.  And for busniess people like myself there are better solutions to cloud services, especially considering the myriad of data types we may want to find ourselves synchronizing.  It could be a Word document, if it’s a song,  WHAT FILE TYPES? video?  I need all types of data synced.


My Choice for Syncing

The best solution to my problems has been Dropbox.  Dropbox is free, it syncs your data across multiple computers (very specific files) and there is a free iPhone and android app to download so you can have those files at your fingertips… always.  I don’t work for them… but I’ve used the service for months and it has been awesome.  I must mention that it’s only free up to about 2GB… but 2GB (not too shabby!)… I just manage my sync folder.  I can send public links out for download, it’s nice.

Once… at a moment’s notice on my iPhone, I downloaded a video I just so happened to have stashed in my dropbox to demo for a potential client… need I say more.  Furthermore… you can share… I have collaboration folders I share with colleagues… and don’t pay a cent…. yet.

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