I was recently searching desperately for educational materials on Java Servlets and ran across a new website through YouTube, CaveOfProgramming.com.  Cave of programming has a great listing of free and paid tutorials from programmer John Purcell.  Purcell offers an simplified and down to earth look at some of the high level java constructions in a clear and concise way, I was compelled subscribe to several free lessons on his associated UDemy page where he has many paid courses well worth the cash if you’re wanting to take the next step as a developer.

This was the lesson he caught my attention with:

Don’t be fooled by the busy video thumbnail.  Purcell is a great programmer and explains some of the things you really need to get started using the java in a more powerful way.  I was so taken with what john had shown me that I had to set aside my personal vendetta to tackle servlets and jsp, take a step back and look over his Mulit-Threading and Design Patterns courses first.  I had been hunting for a really good overview of these fundamental concepts for a long time and low and behold… John Purcell has answered all our prayers and… GIVES THIS KNOWLEDGE AWAY FOR FREE!  Completely unbelievable.  I love it.

Java Multi-Threading by John Purcell

Java Design Patterns and Architecture by John Purcell

These are pretty high level concepts but if you’re mind is ripe for what he’s trying to show us… oh yes… the time has come for some serious programming to occur.  🙂

I highly encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube Channel, you can find it by following the embedded video back to his Channel on YouTube.  Also, John’s paid courses are well worth the pricetag.

How much would you pay to have the knowledge to make your dreams come true?  That is what I always ask myself when spending on my education as a programmer and producer.  I purchased Spring Framework and Servlets and JSPs out of his premium courses and plan on purchasing his Swing Framework course after I get through these.

A wonderful resource.

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