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Currently I’m having to review some navigation choices for an up-coming web design project for an enormous content driven website that will likely pull information & posts from around 50 staff members covering a wide range of topics, entertainment, news, nightlife, gardening… to name a few.

The Graphic Works of Ben Barry

I’m just getting started on the project and trolling the web for inspiration.  I ran across this article that was published some time ago and some of these are very cutting edge and some are a bit over the top, especially in the “Experimental” Section… Here are a few of my favorite listed:

While a bit conceptual and not practical for large data driven sites I have to hand it to them… they’re bold.  Especially NickAd… while the design could be considered a bit involved to interact with… they take concept of navigation on the web to the next level.  Looking at NickAd… I can easly see this design be better implemented and useable once OS-X Lion in full swing and are using gestures to interact in a more fluid way.  And NathanBorrow! Oh heavens… so much in formation and such a clean and tidy layout.

A Little Context

New mySpace Logo... which I'm not fond of

I’ve become a fan of contextual menus in the recent years… menus that change based upon the users current view… but I’m torn between the concept that site navigation should be an “old reliable” for users.  Though I know it’s hay-day has passed I’ve really enjoyed the new layout of mySpace as a fun content driven site.  Despite the myriad of options availble to the user I feel like they’ve done a great job making the navigation friendly, useful and reliable.  I feel a sharp pain in admiting that I like some of the choices they’ve made on mySpace.  I’m no web snob though… sometimes, despite your disagreement with the usefulness of the product or site… you have to admit some correct design and and functionality choices were made!

Just for fun the article links an even earlier one showing navigational design trends from even further back!

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