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Owning and Purchasing Keyword Rich URLs

I recently acquired a group of keyword rich URLs that focused on specific services I offer in the market. I was looking to do something with them to help boost my SEO. After trolling all the usual SEO blogs I have to say that i’m somewhat disappointed as it seems, other than campaign tracking these keyword rich URLs don’t seem like they’ll help me much.

In this video Google SEO Guru Matt Cutts Talks Choosing a domain name:

When purchasing URLs and thinking of setting up secondary domains or splash pages to point to your existing domain, remember the old adage “divide and conquer”. If you’re putting time and effort into setting up and optimizing a secondary domain you’re not focusing on your main cash cow, the primary domain all your business comes from. Dont’ divide your resources, focus your efforts on your primary domain.

I’ve since, redirected all these other URLs to my primary domain… event though they may be keyword rich, more so than my current url… I cannot allow myself to be conquered because I’m trying to perform some domain SEO trickery… and end up shooting myself in the foot.

A few helpful resources for this:

A great article from our friends at SEOMoz

About the Feeding Frenzy on Keyword Rich URLs

Word on the street is they’re being devalued.


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