We all know links are one of the most important metrics on the web.  Controlling the text that links back to your site or post can be tough.  As an SEO Moz pro-plus member I find myself reading their help docs from time to time to try and glean some new insights from core SEO materials.  this page from SEO Moz’s “Beginners Guide to SEO” PDF has a pretty sweet chapter seven on link building.

In the link building and popularity chapter the stress that the attributes we know that score in on the weight of a link are not fully understood but that what we do know comes from testing and analysis of patents filed by companies like Google.

In another article read that companies go so far as to build dummy sites with completely nonsensical text so they can search the made-up language and test how different pages rank for the same made-up language words and elements with slight variations in page copy.  A lot of companies are putting a lot of research into understanding exactly how search engine rankings are generated.  So what’s a lonely SEO in San Antonio Texas to do.  Well, the first thing would be to just farmiliarize yourself with some of the factors that weight in like the global popularity of the site, of the individual pages,  the anchor text assoicated with the link, and social sharing is even weighed in now to my understanding!

For more on link building check out the article above for SEOMoz.









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