LMFAO member Sky Blu stopped by Border Media Studios where I work at their staff photographer and webmaster for almost 9 years now, I like to call them my work family. It’s so great because 94.1 KTFM, a pop music station, provides me with a lot of opportunities to shoot interviews and the management staff is nice enough to give me some creative license to create some really great video.

In this shoot we got a chance to shoot the studio interview with three cameras, for Sky’s cam we used a Panasonic HPX, and utilized our Canon FX100 for the host, Nick’s camera. Both of these cams are very high quality HD cameras with external XLR inputs for audio. That being said… I like to use the microphones in the studio. We are, after all, inside a radio studio with microphones superior than what I might pull out of my kit. So you think I’d have no problem… right? WRONG… these guys are always forgetting to talk into the mic. Oh, let me count the sorrows of a videographer at a radio station.

[nggallery id=12]

I occasionally like to cut to a third cam, in this case I used my Nikon D90, which is a really nice production quality still photography camera. It is a real workhorse that can get any job done when put into capable hands. As far as the HD video goes. I’ve never been impressed with it, but I still love to use it for a quick third angle. It gets the job done and if you’re doing a lot of digital compositing and layering along with effects, no one ever event notices the footage wasn’t shot with a big bad 4:2:2 color sampled commercial grade rig.

Things came out great in the end as they always do. Sky was a really nice dude.

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