This project has a little bit of a story behind it.  Now, I don’t have a before photo but I can assure the it was awful.  Here’s the juicy gossip.  There’s a bar next door to this place, and one night, a customer is a little too drunk and slams on the gas, leaving the parking lot.  Plot twist, he was in reverse!  The car slams into the front of the store, completely destroying it.  The owner had to get a emergency repair crew to come in and fix the storefront the following day.  Every day the store was closed would have cost money.  It was a huge debacle.  After everything was fixed, a new storefront wrap was needed.

Quite a few considerations brought about the resulting design.  The previous design was a bit too dark.  We decided to go with bright and eye-catching.  The radial greed patterned background emendating from the door is designed to draw the eye inward, to the entrance.  The keywords “Smoke Shop” and “Vape Shop” are placed higher on the design composition to be seen above the rooftops of cars parked in front of the shop to increase visibility.  The owner wanted a prominently displayed QR code that linked to all of the social media channels, so we added that design element above the door.  QR codes are never pretty and challenging to work cohesively into a composition.

Mushrooms are a huge up and coming trend in their industry, and the SuperNova Logo also incorporates mushrooms. Hence, the psychedelic mushroom design mirrors more than one aspect of the business.  We added a prominent “21+” icon on both sides of the design because that is the legal age to enter the shop in Texas.  This was previously written on notebook paper and taped to the door.  A much-needed improvement.  The top two triangles on either side of the QR code were intentionally left empty to display neon signs that shine through the vinyl wrap at night.

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