It had never occured to me how cool animated gifs are untill I spotten this low trending article on the animated gif from Mashable. I’m absolutely in love their new website layout BTW!

Through my SMM marketing efforts of the year not once had a composed an animated gif for any of my SMM efforts but through my work on Tumblr with fringe sites whose audience is prime for that social network I’d encountered countless animated gifs, some a bit unsavory and others just plain hilarious

Animated Gifs


The mashable article chronicles the different genre of animated gif images and how they end up getting used in SMM and Social in general. But if you know me you know I can’t just read about something on the web so I went digging around for how I could make my own animated gif… done.

Some of these are downright genious if you ask me, each and every one actually.  Identifying good candidates for animated gif is the tricky part if you ask me.  Creating animated gif are cinche in photoshop!






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