I recently got a call from our marketing research department, they were putting together some materials for a power point presentation or something like that.. something I was quite glad I didn’t have to do.   What they wanted from me was a few photographs of some of the events I had been out shooting for one of our radio stations, 94.1 KTFM.  I dug a few archived hard drives out of my desk drawer and the following pick are the ones chosen for the presentation.

They wanted concert and event photographs.  They always tell me to get “Crowd Shots” every time I go out… and as a photographer… I always feel like the “Crowd Shots” are not the best shots in the reel… you can’t get hundreds of people to behave for a photo… but somehow you always manage.

Radio Promotional Photography By Delton M. Childs

KTFM Pink Party at Celebs Star Bar – Photograph by Delton Childs

One of the events I was particularly happy to have attended was the Stained concert.  It was held in a very small venue which I’d photographed a few other concerts at.  The kind of place that only holds a few hundred people at most.

Aaron Lewis - Stained

Aaron Lewis of Stained at Sherlocks Pub in San Antonio Texas – Photograph By Delton M. Childs


San Antonio Promotional Photography

KTFM Van Wrap, Inflatable and Tent – Photograph by Delton M. Childs


Our promotion staff was always particularly proud when we got some new equipment.

Tony Cortez - 94.1 KTFM Host

94.1 KTFM Host Tony Cortez and Friends – Photograph by Delton M. Childs

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