This year, again, I was lucky enough to be choosen to go out and shoot Wrappin With Jack, one of News Talk 550 KTSA’s largest charity events of the year. It was amazing out there. Hundreds of people donated their time and effort to help out needy family in San Antonio Texas. Shooting video and photos together are pretty difficult but not imposible to do. You can’t do both at the same time. You can try, and I know DSLR’s sometimes pull some pretty great video but I find my best bet is to always go between the two and offer each one my complete focus one at a time if it is required I both photograph and videotape events.

Thats important because the client needs to understand certain things will not be video taped, so some moments that might be more important to capture on video need to be taken into consideration. Also, random video clips are great for b-roll but videos need to have context and a purpose. My father, who worked in radio my whole live always said that a piece of content needed to be one of three things, informative, compelling, or entertaining. If you nail down two it’s a real winner, three… just plain rare.

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