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A little event photography for San Antonio alternative culture website  Had a great time out at Zombie-Con: Pandemia!  The Zombie genre fan culture is alive and well… of is that even possible.

Which leads me to the broader question… is the zombie sub-culture craze just one of the peculiar obsessions America has with death, blood and violence? I think so. I’m not going to lie, I haven’t really heard any arguments for our against zombie sub-culture. I just think it’s a bit odd that we have this deep obsession with undead war. They sell zombie killing rounds at ammunitions stores… did you know that?

Not to destroy my argument up front, but the animated television show South Park did a show on what they called “murder porn”. Murder Porn was the term they gave shows like CSI, Dexter, and I’ll even throw in all the vampire shows. Anything that romanticized violence and gore.

Maybe it’s the “return to simple time” that appeals in the show… Who knows.


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