Customized Video Outro

Media Unlocked Customized Video Outro

Media Unlocked contacted us to produce their social media outro for the videos they produce and post on youtube and their website,  They needed a quick outro to brand their Twitter, Facebook and Skype as well as their gmail address and website so people could easily contact them.  They wanted something totally customized for their brand that would fit their current imaging.



We took their logo that has a camera with a “lock” on top and animated it so it would “unlock”.  That seemed like a no brainer, we had to unlock something!  We decided that with all the contact information that needed to be displayed we should get right down to the nitty gritting and animate that info up.  We produced simple fluid animations that sequentially bring all the necessary info on the screen and hold it for about 10 seconds so the viewer has time to scan and choose which network or contact method they want since there is quite a bit.

A simple and elegant solution to brand your social media channels at the end of each video!




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July 8, 2014

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