Edan’s Med Spa Custom Website Development

Professional Administration & Development for Edan's Med Spa

Through a client referral I came into contact with Edan’s Med Spa here in San Antonio, Texas.  I didn’t  need to re-design the site because a beautiful and flexible layout had already been chosen.  If the Edan’s Team was happy with their layout, I didn’t need or want to reinvent the wheel.  Now, Edan’s offers some pretty high-end services; Botox, CoolSculpting, & The Vampire Facial procedure, which was part of this years “Oscars Swag Bag.”   To say the least, Edan’s is one of my more high-profile clients in San Antonio and the Med Spa business category is highly competitive.  As a business offering these high-end luxury services its important that your brand image reflect the professionalism, organization and elegance that’s part of the fundamental concept of luxury.

Vampire Facial Page At Edan's Med Spa

Extensive “make-overs” on featured product pages too!


Up-Front Organization

Like most well established clients Edan’s came to me with quite a few existing pages on their website, and 90%  needed to be revised or re-organized.  I used my strategy of listening to the client to find out their current promotions and what they were looking to do.  Using analytics I looked to see what products generated the most traffic.  I started with those little pieces to make my decisions and focus on upgrading the pages of the site that needed it more.  A few touches always need to be made to the homepage so I am not including that in the revisions.

The Team At Edan’s Really Helps Out

Edan’s has a really sharp employee on their staff that had been doing her best to manage the website all on her own, just kinda figuring it out.  It was quite impressive how much she’d done on her own with no prior experience with a content management system. Many of the customizations they had already attempted just needed the tweaks, with a high-end med spa you clearly need the touch of a professional.  This was a real bonus, I could already see what they were trying to do and just get it done beautifully. They had already chosen a website layout, that was a big step forward.  I’d never used the Opulus Theme before and it was from a theme foundry for WordPress I wasn’t familiar with. That wasn’t a problem.

These are just a few of the new features we introduced to Edan’s:

  • Contact Form Tracking
  • Google Analytics Goal Integration
  • Email Marketing (More to Come On That)
  • Homepage Makeover With Customizations
  • Graphic Design for 10+ Feature Product Images
  • Social Media Marketing Management

Two things helped out here, I know how to code & the code that the guys at Nimbus Themes write is pretty darn clean so it was easy to understand.  Edan’s and I have been able to make every customization need to take Edan’s to the next level with no fuss including “unlocking” some features that would otherwise have been part of a premium theme package.

We’ll be working with Edan’s continuously into the future and providing the whole team at Edan’s the best web support & marketing consulting in San Antonio.




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March 11, 2015

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