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You meet all kinds of cool people in the website development business and you also get to learn all about different aspects of their business, their marketing goals and have the opportunity to help guide them to a successful online presence. I now have the pleasure of being the website administrator for Spa de Paris in San Antonio Texas.

Spa de Paris already had and existing WordPress website. They didn’t want to do a complete website re-design, they just wanted to bring a touch of organization to their website in order to bring the quality and elegance of  what you’ll find inside their Spa onto the website and in their social media marketing efforts. One of my favorite things about talking over the administration and organization of the Spa de Paris website was the enthusiasm this client already had for online publishing.


Spa de Paris Mobile Friendly LayoutContent Population

I was lucky with Spa de Paris.  They were already writing and publishing articles regularly on their website and sharing information on social media, they just needed a little guidance on how to integrate automated social media publication to multiple channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter through their website.

This is helping Spa de Paris create a consistent brand message across their various social channels and streamline the process of content distribution instead of creating a post and then having to go to each channel individually and share it.

Besides the time saving features we installed on the website, the fact that they’ve already embraced the idea of taking a voice in their professional community by constantly publishing new articles about massage, infrared sauna, chemical peels and the other services they offer is an search engine optimization and content marketing strategy that much more easily managed thanks to their dedication to their own brand.


E-Commerce Integration

Spa de Paris was already selling gift certificates so clients could share this NorthEast Side gem with their friends and family, they wanted to go ahead and start selling online too.  We discussed some of the options we had available to us, even full blown e-commerce using wooCommerce.   The number of products Spa de Paris was planning to sell online in the next year was limited in number and they were all of a similar product type,  gift certificates.

Together we decided to reduce the complexity of the task at hand and use a simple and trusted PayPal “Buy Now” button with completely integrated a payment gateway with their website and gave us the ability to take orders online for the handful gift certificates before the holiday season really got into swing.

To top it all off, we integrated MailChimp e-mail marketing into their website so they could begin to build their database of customers who would like to receive special offers and keep up with their growing community centered around relation and living a healthier, tension free life.  We also photographed and produced a series of commercial images for their refreshed look online!

I look forward to continually supporting the growing needs of their beautiful and successful business online.

I encourage you to visit Spa de Paris online,  browse their services and give them a call to book your appointment!


Spa de Paris Mobile Friendly Website Design



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November 10, 2014

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