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Competitive Call of Duty Team Vital Connection contacted us about creating a 3D render of their logo for their YouTube Channel.  The Vital Connection Team showed us several 3D style YouTube intros and expressed their concern for looking like a pro MLG gaming team and wanted to look good online so they can recruit new team members and raise their status on Twitch and YouTube and other popular sites for gamers.

Vital Connection wa able to give us a copy of their logo in vector format which helped out alot for creating their logo as a real 3D object but if clients don’t have their logo in vector format we can always help them create that.  Some clients don’t even have a logo!  In which case we can help them create a brand new logo for their brand or company.  That wasn’t the case here though, Vital connection had a few ducks in a row and were already starting to establish their brand online.

We crafted their logo in 3D, created a customized COD background for their channel art and animated their logo beautifully in 3D space so they could look good online!




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August 12, 2014

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